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Top 3 Tips For Buying Wax Melts


With many wax melt vendors out there, where do you start when looking for wax melts? Here are our Top 3 Tips For Buying Wax Melts.

Some customers may know what they are looking for, but some may not and we are here to help with our top tips (as we LOVE wax melts too!) for what to look for, whether it’s your first time buying them or as a repeat seller you just would like to know.

1. What type of wax are you buying?

There are many various types of wax used for making wax melts, and although we recommend buying Soy Wax Melts for the benefits you can also purchase other types but be sure to do your research as to what wax will be best for you.

For example, we use Soy Wax as it’s vegan-friendly, biodegradable and safe around your pets and children when melting. We can’t say the same for other wax types however other types may contain paraffin or petroleum (such as some of the big branded wax melt companies) and this won’t provide the best burn-off into the air.

We like to ensure that all of our customers are aware of the wax we use for our melts so you can ensure if you are looking for something in particular such as vegan wax melts, it’s key that you know what you are buying.

2. Are the company CLP Compliant?

When I began my personal wax melt journey (when Pearl Aromas was only a twinkle in my eye) I had no idea what CLP complaint was, so definitely made purchases from small businesses that definitely were not and when I look back now it’s quite concerning.

You may think, what’s the big deal? CLP is shortened for Classification, Labelling & Packaging.

What this means is wax melt vendors are required to provide labels on the back of all products outlining the ingredients, warning labels and contact details.

Ingredients – Outline all ingredients used within the fragrance so that anyone with an allergy (whether known or not known) can be listed for the user to see before they purchase. We actually list all ingredients on our website before you buy too, so you can check before you check out.

Warnings – The warning symbols in relation to hazards must be present on your labels, they won’t be present on every label, only the ones relevant to the fragrance in the melt.

Contact Details – By providing your contact details allows customers to reach you if they need to. I recently had a message from a customer to 100% check our wax melts were soy wax melts as her sister wanted to place an order but couldn’t have coconut/rapeseed wax. Although she could contact us via the website, she looked at the back of the melts, knowing the info would be there, and contacted us via telephone number more quickly for her answer.

3. Do they have reviews/visual feedback?

To ensure you are buying from a legitimate company, if you don’t already, it’s always good to check what people are saying about the company. The best places to look for this would be reviews on the product itself, Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Products – Have a peek and see if there is a reviews tab for an individual product review.

Google – You can view the reviews of the business itself, is the feedback positive and should outline how they operate?

Facebook – Some people may upload images and leave “recommended” reviews.

Instagram – You can view “highlights” where the user may have saved tagged stories from their customers, we do this as not only does it make us fuzzy inside to see them but it provides customer validation which we massively appreciate.

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